International Sea/Air Transport

SNACKSCM Relying on the 19 years of international logistics experience of the parent company of FOCUS GLOBAL SCM, SNACKSCM has the advantages of import operation capacity of sea land air multimodal transport, stable overseas agent service network, and domestic self-supporting branches.Skilled in the operation of overseas departure port, overseas air and sea transportation to China and domestic distribution.
The advantages of shipping, air transportation and railway import freight can better reduce the overall procurement cost for customers; the seamless connection between shipping and customs declaration and inspection enables customers to better grasp the real-time situation of goods.

Sea Transportation:

We offer full container shipping bulk cargo lcl import to Hong Kong and major ports in mainland China from Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States and other countries!

Air Import:

Provide air transportation services from Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States and other countries to Hong Kong and major domestic airports!

SNACKSCM has also established an international and domestic multimodal cold chain transportation system including sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation, rail transportation and post seamless connection from the place of origin to the market, which is loyal to the customer's entrustment, provides cold chain transportation services under strict control ,  ensures the quality of fresh food.

Transit Connection:With its own mature resource integration capability, we  build a transfer base at multiple import and export ports of fresh products to help customers realize rapid transfer and delivery.

Whole Course Cold Transportation:All operation nodes are within the temperature control range.

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