Leisure Snacks

It has been 8 years since SNACKSCM gathered in the global imported food market. It has rich experience in leisure snack import, complete qualification, professional food label production team, rich experience in food label filing and food access judgment, highly familiar with the structure of imported food products, and has provided convenient leisure snack import services for hundreds of small and medium-sized importers.

1、To provide customers with professional food import one-stop supply chain services;

2. Our professional compliance team can quickly judge whether the products are allowed for customers and make labels;

3. Assist customers to prepare goods and supervise loading at the port of departure;

4. The customer has no right of import and can be affiliated with our company;

5. Professional food declaration and inspection team, customs integrity enterprise, fast customs clearance, fast certificate;

6. For customers without food warehouse, our company can provide professional warehousing and distribution services, and support multiple distribution modes (regional, e-commerce warehouse B, Ka, etc.)

7. Supply chain financial services can start larger business with limited resources for customers and improve the efficiency of customers' capital use.

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