Purchasing Execution

Connected with abundant food associations abroad,SnackScm can support the importers new products searching whenever they want.
As a member of CCCFNA(China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native products),SnackScm are qualified to get Automatic Import License for snack food, olive oil, milk, fruit, frozen meat, bird's nest, etc., together with a professional finance team for international trade,SnackScm can provide you with efficiency for your order management!

Our Services:

New Product Sourcing&Matching

We have business resources such as multinational business associations, CCPIT, industry associations, etc., and the ability to search for the most potential imported food and insight into market trends;

Assist in Contract Negotiation

Mature overseas procurement team, proficient in relevant laws and regulations in the industry, with professional contract negotiation ability;

Import Agency

Customs class A integrity enterprise, with complete qualification, has the import qualification of leisure food, beverage, wine, fruit, frozen meat and other categories.

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